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Come to the Aid of the King!

Enlist in the King's army today and serve our most excellent majesty King Charles I of England.

Join Sir George Lisle's Regiment of Foote and take your place on the battlefield!

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Welcome to the website of Sir George Lisle's Regiment of Foote
 HELLO and welcome to the Lisles website. Our regiment is part of a larger society known as the "Sealed Knot". The society is a registered charity and was formed in 1968 by the late Brigadier Peter Young. The Sealed Knot is the largest re-enactment society in Europe and throughout the "muster" season performs many re-enactments, mostly in mainland Britain. Additionally, the society aims to educate the public about the English Civil War; through its own research and in many cases by bringing this to life both on the field and in the Living History camps which are a prominent feature at many of the Society's events.

Our regiment is named after the Royalist officer Sir George Lisle, who along with his comrade Sir Charles Lucas was executed on 28 August 1648 in Colchester. Both Lisle and Lucas have since become known as Royalist martyrs.

The Regiment has a full complement of foot soldiers, ranging from pike and shot, as well drummers, ensigns (those who carry the regimental colours) and officers; not forgetting water bearers and many others including those who specialise in "Living History". Being a regiment of "foote" we don't have cavalry.

At present we are one of the largest Royalist regiments in the Sealed Knot and we can be seen in action at many of the events that take place each year and definitely at one of the "major" events. We have a reputation of being a regiment that likes to fight hard on the field, as well as play hard afterwards in the beer tent! The social aspect of the Regiment is also very important to us and there are a number of events that take place off the battlefield at other venues.

The regiment's members are mostly situated in or around North Staffordshire, but quite a few of us live further afield. To see us at our best, come to one of the re-enacments and if you like what you see please take the time to have a chat with us. We are always on the lookout for new members and our members are the life-blood of our organisation. Please see the "Announcements" panel on the left if you'd like to enquire about joining us. Or maybe you'd like to read the profiles of some of our existing members first by clicking HERE.

 If you're already a member of the Regiment visiting the site for the first time, please see the "Announcements" panel on the left for details of how to apply for membership of this site.

 To find out more about the Sealed Knot, simply click on the emblem to the left which will take you to the Society's website. Thank you for your interest.
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Food for Thought
"It will be embalming enough to these deserving persons that King Charles the First, upon the news of their death, wept."

- Reaction of King to the deaths of Lucas & Lisle
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